Education and integral ecology for a sustainable and inclusive future

Alberto SileoniCardenal Pedro Barreto JimenoMauricio LópezJennifer Mason McAwardPedro RomeroRafael LozanoJuan Fernando Álvarez Rodríguez

“Building for hope implies working on leadership, not falling into the rhetoric of indignation and technical efficiency, because both end up being alienations from a process that involves us and challenges us on a daily basis. To form new leaderships is to perceive the essence of what is concrete in the eyes of the other, let us be protagonists ”, stated the Director of IDGCE, Luis Liberman to start this forum.

The event was presided by Cardinal Pedro Barreto Jimeno, Vice President of the Panamazonic Ecclesial Network, and had the participation of Alberto Sileoni, Ex-Minister of Education of Argentina. The event was in charge of Luis Liberman and Gabriela Sacco of the Institute for Global Dialogue and the Culture of Encounter. This was the second meeting of an initiative that brings together experts, leaders in education and leaders in the field of water, sanitation and public policies from more than ten countries around the world. The central axis of this meeting was to work on the underlying ecological, human and ethical dimension in decision-making -particularly regarding resources such as water- and the role and value of education in the construction of a sustainable and inclusive future.

On this website you will find the video of the complete forum.

Thursday, 2nd July 2020.

Time: 10 am Argentina (1 pm UTC).

The Forum aims to work on the ecological, human and ethical dimension underlying decision-making – particularly with regard to resources such as water – and the role and value of education in building a sustainable, inclusive and respectful future for human rights.

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Cláudio Hummes
Cardenal. President of the Pan Amazonic Ecclessial Netwrok (REPAM)
Luis Liberman
Founder and Director, Institute for Global Dialogue and Culture of Encounter.
Gabriela Sacco
Executive Director, Institute for Global Dialogue and Culture of Encounter.


Alberto Sileoni
Former Minister of Education of Argentina. Argentina
Cardenal Pedro Barreto Jimeno
Vice-President, REPAM. Peru
Mauricio López
Executive Secretary, REPAM. Ecuador
Jennifer Mason McAward
Director, Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights. University of Notre Dame. USA
Pedro Romero
Director of International Relations, National University of Rosario. Argentina
Rafael Lozano
Management advisor, Universitá di Bolognia. Italy
Juan Fernando Álvarez Rodríguez
Professor, Faculty of Environmental and Rural Studies. Pontifical Javeriana University. Colombia