Technological and social innovations in water management. Impact and application potential in diverse vulnerable contexts.

Alfredo Ferro, SJElena CristoforiGabriella CaroliniDiego BergerChristian TaylorAdriano StringhiniHéctor GarcíaJaime PerczykJaime Gutiérrez BayoPatrick Thomson

“We are convinced that innovation is efficient to the extent that it constitutes cultural processes of change, it is a matter of proposing substantive options to modify practices and habits that must be improved for the quality of life that we all deserve. The objective is to make this planet a viable planet ”, stated the Director of the IGDCE Luis Liberman at the opening of the forum.

The event is the fourth edition of the cycle of virtual forums organized by the Institute for Global Dialogue and the Culture of the Meeting (IGDCE) since June and which has had the participation of numerous world experts, in a joint and interdisciplinary work on the human right to water and sanitation: Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo, Supreme Court Minister Ricardo Lorenzetti, Stockholm Water Prize winner, Asit K. Biswas, Sarayaku People’s leader and human rights activist, Patricia Gualinga, among others. The initiative has the support of Pope Francis and is coordinated by Card. Claudio Hummes, President of the Panamazonic Ecclesial Network (REPAM) and general rapporteur of the Synod for the Amazon that was held last year at the Vatican.

Gabriela Sacco, Executive Director of the IDGCE, gave rise to the development of the conference and highlighted the quality of the speakers: “today, as in previous forums, we have a large team of experts from different countries of the world; whom we would like to thank for their proposals, reflections, for sharing their knowledge and their openness to dialogue on the different issues we address ”.

On this website you will find the video of the complete forum.

Friday, 7th August 2020

Time: 10 am Argentina (1 pm UTC).

The Forum will focus on diagnoses and proposals for innovative social and technological solutions. We expect to consider different models and attempt to analyze and assess transferability, application conditions and sustainability.

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Cláudio Hummes
Cardenal. President of the Pan Amazonic Ecclessial Netwrok (REPAM)
Luis Liberman
Founder and Director, Institute for Global Dialogue and Culture of Encounter.
Gabriela Sacco
Executive Director, Institute for Global Dialogue and Culture of Encounter.


Alfredo Ferro, SJ
Panamazonian Ecclesial Network (REPAM), Colombia
Elena Cristofori
Professor in Hydrometeorological Risks, University of Turin, Italy
Gabriella Carolini
Professor of International Development and Urban Planning MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), USA
Diego Berger
Special Projects Coordinator, Mekorot, Israel
Christian Taylor
President, AIDIS, Argentina
Adriano Stringhini
Member of the Executive Board SABESP Brazil
Héctor García
Associate Professor of Wastewater, IHE-Delft, Holland
Jaime Perczyk
National Secretary of University Policies, Argentina
Jaime Gutiérrez Bayo
CEO of BRUMA sustainability and citizen participation S.L., España
Patrick Thomson
Senior Researcher School of Geography and the Environment University of Oxford UK