Climate crises and water ecosystems: visions and conflicts.

Noam ChomskySaskia SassenFernando ‘Pino’ SolanasLoïc FauchonCarlos A. NobreDr. Robert BilottMiguel HeinzGricel Ximena Lombana CortésDaniel Groody

Thursday, 17th September 2020

Time: 10 am Argentina (1 pm UTC)

The Forum will address the incidence of climate change and access to water in the generation of conflicts and the infringement of Rights.

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Cláudio Hummes
Cardenal. President of the Pan Amazonic Ecclessial Netwrok (REPAM)
Luis Liberman
Founder and Director, Institute for Global Dialogue and Culture of Encounter.
Gabriela Sacco
Executive Director, Institute for Global Dialogue and Culture of Encounter.


Noam Chomsky
Linguist, philosopher, activist. His last book: “Internationalism or Extinction: Universalizing Resistance”, USA
Saskia Sassen
Professor of Sociology and Member of the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University. Her last book: “Cities at War”, USA.
Fernando ‘Pino’ Solanas
Argentine Ambassador to UNESCO, Argentina.
Loïc Fauchon
President of the World Water Council, France.
Carlos A. Nobre
Member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Senior Researcher at the University of São Paulo’s Institute for Advanced Studies, Brazil.
Dr. Robert Bilott
Environmental lawyer whose work is described in the film ‘Dark Waters’ (2019). Partner of Taft, USA
Miguel Heinz
Director of Adveniat, Germany.
Gricel Ximena Lombana Cortés
Lawyer at the Vicar of the South, Archdiocese of Florence (Caquetá). Defender of Heritage and Human Rights in Amazonian Communities, Colombia.
Daniel Groody
Vice-President, University of Notre Dame, USA.